Bicycle Accidents

Not known to many but the operator of a bicycle law attorney's moncton has the same duties and rights as a driver of an automobile. Many rules of the road and regulations are not known by bicycle riders, and are useful when pursuing bicycle accident claim in court. Sidewalk riding of a bicycle is prohibited unless authorized by an official member of the city of Moncton to do so. Crosswalk is also prohibited unless designated by city official. Keeping both hands on the wheel is a must at all times, and highway driving is an offence where signs prohibit. Not just rules and guidelines for bicyclists to follow, but there are also guidelines operators of motorised vehicles must also abide by to ensure road safety. It is a lot easier for a driver of a motorized vehicle to anticipate possible danger and or risk to bicyclist. Drivers have to reduce their speed while within 5 meters of of a bicyclist as to keep the road safe for both parties. Drivers of even parked motorized vehicles must be visually attentive to bicyclists when opening the driver’s side door. Be it that a cyclist is hit by a motor vehicle, it then becomes the responsibility of the driver of the automobile to prove he or she was not at fault and or negligent in the court of law.

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