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It can be extremely difficult dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Be it the emotional, physical and sometimes most of all financially challenging aspect of lost wages due to incapacity to work. We at Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton have made it our priority to serve the greater Moncton  area for over 25 years. Representing and protecting our clients who clients have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. When starting with Moncton Personal Injury Lawyer We will advise you on issues should you come across such as medical costs, lost income, and or repair or replacement of your automobile.

We provide our clients all the details needed with advancing your claim by methods of:
– collect details of the incident
– gathering evidence
– determine what impacted your life the automobile accident has had in your life
– current costs of treatments – calculate into account your medical bills
– medical costs that may occur in the future.

The two compensation sources available for automobile accidents in the province of New Brunswick are as follows.

-Filing an Accident Benefits Claim: the automobile coverage by the insurance company by the other automobile also involved in the accident, or a claim taken against ones own insurance company.

-Filing a Tort Claim: claim fully against the at-fault automobile driver involved in the accident. We have always advocate that our legal team obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf. Though sometimes complicated, our attorneys are experienced and have great knowledge on the system and how to make it work on your behalf.

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