Medical Malpractice

A Medical Malpractice suit consists of negligence caused by a healthcare professional
ie:Doctor medical malpractice case

– nurse
– dentist
– doctor
– plastic surgeon
– technician
– chiropractor
or a hospital staff’s professional obligations that has been compromised compared to the standard practice one would receive at a medical facility.

Examples of some of the cases we have handled, but not limited to:

– misprescribed anaesthesia during surgical procedure

– unable to properly inform patients of potential risks and or side effects that may occur post procedure

– failure and or delay in diagnosis and or treatment of the disease process

– wrongful death
Negligence because of a medical malpractice may have serious repercussions, in some cases life-changing which affects not only the victim, but there family members as well. Taking on a medical professional’s actions may strike fear in most people as we have experience in dealing with many in the past with a strong track record. Our Medical Malpractice Attorney comprehend and make it our duty to handle each client not only as a business but also as a member of our own family, aiding in stressful times ready to answer any questions you may have.
As medical malpractice claims have time limits in the province of New Brunswick. Two years prior to the incident is sufficient time within the guidelines of the law .


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