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Slip and Fall Accidents In Moncton NB, if you are injured as a result of a Slip and Fall accident, it is a good chance our team at Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton will recover damages for you.
When someone says “Slip and Fall” often it’s used to describe a wide range of accidents involving:
– trips
– fallsPersonal injury lawyer Moncton
– wet floor
– icy walkway
– hard surface

Or even due to malfunctional structure:

– uneven walkway
– leaky foset
– hole in the structure
– hole in the wall
– hole in the ceiling
– broken and or rotten walkway
– insufficient lighting
Normally the general rule on claims and damages in a slip and fall case is you must have injuries as a result of negligence by the owner to keep the premises safe. Failure by the owner of the property to provide a safe premises, may make the owner liable on a range of personal injury damage including pain and suffering. You need a qualified team of professionals to ensure you recoup lost wages, expenses, loss of enjoyment, and even cost of further care if needed (god forbid).

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