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Disability claims are one of the most stressful and emotional situations one can go through. Lost time at your job is a real lack of security with the current economic situation we have in the world today. We are here to help families of the burden of sudden lack of income due to a disability. Disability litigation claims are some of the most confusing cases to deal with. Our staff at Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton have had extensive experience with a track record to match of these exact cases won.

Even if you do not personally belong to a group insurance plan, we can and have won claims for:

– small business owners,¬†dentists, movers, doctors, couriers, lawyers & many more…..

Be it a minor or major case, aiding as well in group benefit programs, professional associations, and  unions. Claims against insurance companies can be very tricky and complicated to confuse in their favor. Our attorneys are experienced and versed in insurance contract language, cutting through the many loopholes to ensure our clients have the upper hand. We determine with a thorough look through of your contract to determine the maximum compensation you will be entitled to. Deductibles, daily benefit amount, maximum policy benefits are some of the details we go through to ensure you get what you deserve from this disability claim.

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