Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

Q: Is the law firm your thinking about experienced with major claims?

A: Be it a major or minor claim, you always need a team of attorneys with the experience of major claims such as:

Automobile Accident, Slip & Fall, Severe Whiplash, Medical Malpractice, Brain Injury, Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Death, Spinal Cord Injury, Bicycle accident, Amputations…

Q: Is it necessary common practice that an attorney demand a retainer before they will work on your case (money up front)?

A: We at Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton stand by our word that you don’t pay anything unless we recover money for you.

Q: Are you a Trial Lawyer?

A: Insurance companies will most likely always want to bully and control how your claim is processed. That is why you need an experienced trial lawyer on your side, with a history of cases won such as Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton.

Q: If the duration of my case lasts longer than expected, will I be charged more as the claim continues?

A: One way is to check if the law firm you hired incorporates an escalating fee scale. The fees from some companies can increase to ⅓ if the claim makes it to court. Our policy at Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton is we get a percentage of recovered money owed to you, and we will never increase no matter the duration of the trial.

Q: Is the law firm you’re inquiring about a new practice, or has an extensive background of years in practice in the greater Moncton area?

A: Personal Injury Lawyer Moncton has been in practice for over 25 years servicing the maritime provinces.


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